NMI Payment Gateway and Merchant Account

DowCommerce is one of the most powerful, feature rich, internet payment gateways on the market. DowCommerce helps you turn your "internet business idea" into an "internet business reality". DowCommerce provides everything you need except for your website.

When you get a DowCommerce Payment Gateway, we will also provide you with a Free Merchant Account setup with exceptionally low processing rates. We're not joking... How does a 2.04% discount rate, 24¢ transaction fee, and a $8.95 statement fee sound?

The Free Merchant Account setup and Free Payment Gateway setup alone could easily save you several hundred dollars in out of pocket expenses alone, but all setup costs will be waived when you open an internet merchant account with Capital Merchant Solutions, Inc.

Don't let our low merchant account and gateway prices fool you, DowCommerce is not just any, run of the mill, simple payment gateway. DowCommerce is much more! DowCommerce comes fully loaded with very useful features! Best of all, you'll get most of these extra features at no additional cost. Most of our competitors charge you a premium for these same gateway features.

Included with your DowCommerce account:

  • Free Integrated Shopping Cart +
  • Free Automatic Recurring Billing +
  • Free Multi-User access +
  • Free Quickbooks Integration +
  • Free Acceptance into our "Partner Program"

The only "Premium" feature that we offer is the Fraud Protection service, and we only charge a nominal fee for it.

If you package all these features together from some of our competitors, you very well may be paying over $100 per month (that's on top of the hundreds of dollars in setup fees they charge). The DowCommerce cost is less than twenty bucks a month! Dollar for dollar, DowCommerce is simply a better payment gateway than Authorize.net, Verisign Payflow, and Plug-n-Pay combined. The Free Merchant Account setup and low credit card processing rates are just icing on the cake!

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