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DowCommerce is one of the most powerful, feature rich, internet payment gateways on the market.


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FREE SETUP + $14.95/mo + 10¢/per 

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$14.95/mo + 10¢/per



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Fully Loaded eCommerce Payment Gateway

DowCommerce offers one of the most powerful, feature rich, internet payment gateways on the market.   DowCommerce is a privately branded version of Network Merchant Inc’s - NMI Payment Gateway. Each account has full access to NMI’s suite of powerful features.  You are able to integrate with all popular NMI Gateway partners, including ClickFunnels, Woocommerce, Infusionsoft, as well as nearly any other shopping cart or sales funnel system. DowCommerce helps you turn your "internet business idea" into an "internet business reality”, as it provides nearly everything you need to be successful online….  except for your website.


Integrating NMI with your website is where you will truly get use out of the gateway's most powerful features, such as its' integrated shopping cart and simple buy buttons. 


The NMI Gateway can be integrated for use with many retail applications. Options are available for both a Handheld POS Solutions as well as a Desktop POS Solutions. 


The NMI Payment Gateway integrates flawlessly for Mobile Processing. An inexpensive mobile card reader can be attached to your iPhone for payment processing on the go.

NMI Gateway Provides the Power to
Grow your E-commerce Business

Accepting credit cards in your business is not a task that you want to take for granted.  Your merchant account needs to be setup properly and you need to have a payment gateway that offers all the features that your business may need.   Not all merchant account providers are built the same, nor are payment gateways.   The NMI Payment Gateway offered through DowCommerce is essentially the "Cadillac" of payment gateways.   It provides the bare minimum needed to process your customer's credit card payment through the NMI Virtual Terminal, or powerful enough to even do advanced Level III processing through our backend tools that integrate with over 150 different third party shopping cart systems.  If your business isn't transacting commerce online yet, that's fine too.  NMI has retail solutions that work both for Mobile credit card processing, as well as payment systems that integrate with traditional credit card machines for payment acceptance in retail stores and restaurants. 

NMI Feature Highlights

  • Free Integrated Shopping Cart +
  • Free Automatic Recurring Billing +
  • Free Multi-User access +
  • Free Quickbooks Integration +
  • Free Acceptance into our "Partner Program"

Virtual Terminal

Authorize, process and manage credit card transactions manually from any computer that has an Internet connection and a web browser. You simply log in and start processing.

Batch Upload Processing

The batch upload feature allows you to upload a data file to the DowCommerce Payment server. Once uploaded, the transactions will be processed according to your instructions.

The Product Manager is essentially a database built into the NMI back office.  It allows you to enter and manage product SKUs and keep inventory organized through a central database.

API Integration

Our API Integration solution allows you the highest level of secure transaction infrastructure available.  Our API uses secure sockets layer (SSL) digital certificate technology to connect securely and directly between you and the Payment Gateway. We will provide access to simple integration instructions.

DowCommerce includes a fully integrated shopping cart free of charge with every account. Our competitors don't offer you that and the DowCommerce Shopping Cart will have you up and selling in no time.  Our shopping cart can be customized with your own branding to fit the look and feel of your own site.

Accept Electronic Checks

DowCommerce eChecks is a payment solution that enables online and traditional merchants to accept and process electronic check payments directly from their website's storefront or through the Virtual Terminal. By accepting electronic checks, you are able to expand the payment options available to your customers and increase sales.

Multiple MIDs

The NMI Gateway allow multiple different MIDs to be added within the same gateway account.  You can configure the system so that it automatically determines which MID to run the transaction through based on active routing directives.  This is a great option when you have a high risk business that you need to spread your risk out through multiple processors and processing banks.

 Fraud Protection 

NMI's fraud detection suite is designed to protect online merchants!  It provides custom strategies to identify the difference between legitimate shoppers and fraudulent shoplifters.

The solution provides strategy management and customer service tools to help save legitimate transactions that appear risky, as well as set policies for accepting and rejecting transactions. That means less risk to you. 

Free Recurring Billing

Bill customers daily, weekly, monthly... for as long as needed with our Recurring Billing feature, standard with every account. Our recurring billing feature allows you to automate your payment plans and subscriptions by setting up DowCommerce to automatically add customers to an existing plan at the time of purchase.  You won't have to pay an extra dime to use DowCommerce's Recurring Billing and its easy to use!

HOW​​​​​​ DO I SIGN UP???

Is my Merchant Account Include​d?

It can be.  DowCommerce, through our parent company, Capital Merchant Solutions Inc has the ability to setup your “Gateway Only” NMI Account, or a full merchant account if needed.   The merchant account is an agreement with the processing bank that assumes the liability for the card charges that are ran through your gateway. CMS is a registered ISO for one of the largest banks in the world.  We also have relationships with dozens of other banks and processors. If you have the need to accept credit card payments (and/or electronic checks), we can help guide you through this process and facilitate it, whether you have a simple account, or a complex high risk account. 

Why Choose DowCommerce?

DowCommerce.com Capital Merchant Solutions Inc, have been a valued partner of Network Merchants Inc (NMI) since 2007.   We have helped tens of thousands of merchants with their payment processing needs over this time span. We have vast knowledge on how to setup your account, correctly, the first time!  In addition to our experience, the pricing that we offer for the NMI Gateway is probably second to none... $0 Setup, $14.95/m + $0.10 !! In addition for a limited time, we are giving all new clients a $997 Bonus… Access to an awesome, “No Longer Available” Master Course, that will take you step by step through the process of turning Facebook traffic into a money faucet for your business!