Clickfunnels with NMI Gateway


Setting up your Clickfunnels account to work the NMI Gateway is a pretty simple process.  You are probably aware that Stripe’s integration with Clickfunnels is not perfect for all business types, and there are definitely other options.  The NMI Gateway that we offer is one of the more reliable processing options available for easy Clickfunnels integration.

What’s Needed to Take Credit Cards?

A Merchant Account

 This is an account that you setup that gives you able ability to accept credit cards.  Rates and fees vary, primarily dependent upon the products or services you sell and how they are delivered. If you currently have an account great!  If not, we can probably help you get setup. We have associations with various banks that accept most business types, including business types that are considered high risk, such as nutritional products, digital products, live events, high ticket training, etc.  Even if you already have an account, it is probably advantageous to give us a call ( 1-877-495-2419 ), as we may be able to save you a considerable amount every month on your processing fees.

NMI Gateway

Once you have your Merchant Account, you will need the NMI Gateway to connect to your Clickfunnels account.  Basically the NMI Gateway is a system that is configured to work with your merchant account, and it connects your Clickfunnels account to the processing bank that actually authorizes your customer’s credit card.  It seems complicated, but it’s actually quite simple, and we can help you get it setup.

NMI Gateway Prices for ClickFunnels Entrepreneurs

Setup Cost 


Monthly Cost


Transaction Cost