NMI Gateway Batch Upload Feature


The DowCommerce payment gateway gives you the flexibility to process batches of transactions from a file stored on your local server.

Batch upload supports the following file types:

  • Comma Separated File (*.CSV)
  • Microsoft Excel File (*.XLS)
  • Plain Text File (*.TXT)

With DowCommerce Batch Uploading, you won't need to process each transaction by hand. It's standard on all accounts and easy to use.

To use DowCommerce's batch upload feature, simply click on "Batch Upload" from the main navigation menu.

Browse for the file containing your customers' payment information on your local PC.

Click Upload and your customers' payment information will be sent to our servers via a secure connection. It's that easy. You can further customize DowCommerce's Batch upload feature by configuring the format for upload or by selecting auto detect.

To configure DowCommerce to understand the exact format you're uploading, click "Configure Format" and either add a batch format or edit and existing one.

You can even view previous uploaded batches by clicking "View Batch History" and selecting a date range.