NMI Integration Methods

How to Integrate with DowCommerce

There are several ways to take advantage of the features DowCommerce offers and integrate them with your own site.

API : 

There are two primary options in which transactions can be submitted through the Payment Gateway API

Direct Post Method- The direct post method is the most direct and transparent way to submit payment transactions to DowCommerce. For more information on the Direct Post Method please visit our API page

Browser Redirect Method- The redirect method is a bit more involved because the cardholder will be submitting payment data directly to the Payment Gateway but the response must be relayed back to the merchant's website. For more information on the Browser Redirect Method please visit our 

Integrated Shopping Cart : 

One of the easiest and fastest ways to start selling your products is to use our FREE integrated shopping cart. Simply use our button generator to create a button for your products and let our shopping cart do the rest. No complicated coding required! For more information on our shopping cart's features please visit our shopping cart page

3rd Party Shopping Cart : 

For merchants that require more advanced features than our free integrated shopping cart can provide, DowCommerce integrates easily with many existing 3rd party shopping carts. To find out which carts are compatible with DowCommerce visit our Compatible Carts page or contact us for more details.