NMI Gateway Recurring Billing

Free Recurring Billing with every account!

Recurring Billing is a great way to setup a healthy stream of returning customers. By offering products that are subscription based or paid in installments, you can ensure easy payments and repeat business. The downside is many payment gateways charge an extra fee per month to use this feature, not DowCommerce! At DowCommerce we believe in giving you control over how you bill your customers and what products you offer.

Recurring Billing through other payment gateways can cost as much as $500 to setup plus $39.95 a month, but with DowCommerce it's FREE! That's right; ALL DowCommerce accounts include recurring billing at no additional cost!

Automating DowCommerce's Recurring Billing Feature is easy! Other gateways require you to manually add each customer to a payment plan but DowCommerce automates the process. Simply attach a unique SKU to a plan and everytime a customer purchases the plan they are automatically added to it!