DowCommerce Retail POS Solution

The DowCommerce Payment Gateway has a very versatile application for "Retail" (card present) transaction processing. If you have a retail business or services business, the DowCommerce Retail POS Solution may be just what you need. You simply plug a DowCommerce Swiper into your computer's USB Port, Install our Retail Software, and you're ready to start accepting credit cards face to face.

What is Required?

A Computer (PC) 

A DowCommerce USB Swipe

A DowCommerce Retail Payment Gateway Account

How it Works

  • You swipe your customers' credit card through your DowCommerce Swiper.
  • Next, the DowCommerce "Retail Program" automatically opens on your computer screen.
  • You enter the amount of the transaction, and click on the "Process" button.
  • The card is authorized, and the transactions settles with your batch.

Here are the benefits of using the DowCommerce Retail Program:

  • - Low Cost Setup
  • - Qualify for "Swiped" processing rates (Ex: 1.79%)
  • - Easy Setup (install program, and plug in swiper)
  • - Great for mobile processing (works with your laptop)
  • - Detailed reporting available online
  • - Much easier to learn than a POS terminal.

Full reporting will be available in your DowCommerce back office. The DowCommerce "Retail POS Solution" is a great alternative to traditional "POS Terminals". Please contact us for complete details, or fill out a "Quick-App" and we'll contact your right away.