NMI Gateway Virtual Terminal Processing


The DowCommerce "Virtual Terminal" will allow you to manually process credit card transactions from any computer in the world with an internet connection.  You simply log in to our secure website with your login and password. Once logged in, you are able to charge credit cards, perform authorizations, and even process credits (refunds). The Virtual Terminal will also give you access to complete online reporting of all your transactions and orders.

The DowCommerce Virtual Terminal will allow you to:

  • - Manually enter credit card transactions for mail or phone sales.
  • - Refund money to a customer's credit card.
  • - Automatically bill customers for recurring charges.
  • - Access many different reporting tools.
  • - Capture previously authorized transactions.

The DowCommerce Virtual Terminal is hosted on our secure servers, and you simply access the Virtual Terminal using your Web browser. Once logged in to the system, you will have access to all available services.