NMI Gateway Features

The NMI Payment Gateway is a very simple, yet robust system, and utilized in a very easy way (virtual terminal) or as scalable and detailed as your business requires!

Card Types Accepted

The gateway is capable of accepting most card types, including:

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club and JCB.

Basic Features 

Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal at it’s simplest form, allow your business to accept payment details over the phone or through mail order and manually key enter them into the Virtual Terminal from a web browser.

Multiple MID Capabilities

We can setup multiple MIDs on a single account, so you can consolidate reporting, manage branches, organize products and more.

Robust Reporting Capabilities

The reporting tool gives you detailed insight into transactions and makes it simple to find exactly what transaction you are looking for through the search tool.

Automated Recurring Billing

You have the ability to bill your customers on a regular basis.  You simply establish a recurring billing schedule and the gateway handles the rest.

Varied Transaction Routing

The NMI Gateway’s Active Intelligent Routing allows multiple MIDs on their single gateway account.  The transactions can be configured to automatically determine which MIDs to route transactions through base on through active routing directives.

NMI QuickClick Shopping Cart

Included with your NMI Payment Gateway is the QuickClick shopping cart system.  It allows easy integration from your website to gateway for processing.

Batch Processing

The Batch Processing tool allows you to upload files to the gateway and process large volumes of transactions immediately.

NMI Product Manager

This simple database system allows you to keep your inventory organized through a unified product database. You are able to enter and manage product SKUs of frequently sold items for quick recall at checkout for Virtual Terminal transactions.

NMI Gateway Emulator

This can save you a lot of time and money (on programmers).  The Emulator allows your business to migrate from other gateways to the NMI Gateway without having to rework or reprogram their software or applications.

Compatible Third-Party integrations

Currently, the NMI Payment Gateway has over 165+ processor integrations and supports a growing list of 165+ shopping carts.

Advanced Processing Options

NMI Global Tokenization

You will have the ability to have a singular view of the customer by unifying every point of engagement and every device, regardless if a payment is made in-store, mobile, online or in a self-service setting, with our Unified Token Vault.

Payer Authentication

You are able to validate if the cardholder is actually the shopper, prevent fraud and protect against unauthorized transactions with our Payer Authentication service.

NMI Account Updater

This feature helps ensure uninterrupted payments for your customers, especially those with recurring payments.  It seamlessly updates card-on-file account information using our Account Updater service.

NMI Fraud Prevention

This powerful feature helps you outsmart fraudsters through our integrated iSpyFraud sytem.  It is a rule based tool that screens suspicious transaction activity and stays ahead of fraud.

NMI Electronic Invoicing

The invoicing tool allows you to get paid faster. It provides a simple, secure and efficient way to invoice your customers, and allow them to submit their payment.

QuickBooks® Plug-In

This tool will save you a ton of time.  It gives you the ability to process transactions, create accounting entries and mark the transactions as paid from right within their QuickBooks® environment using the SyncPay tool.

NMI Level III Processing

If you need to process payments with extended transaction data NMI Gateway has the ability.  It can pass the Level III enhanced data to the payment processor and give you the best chance to qualify for the lowest interchange rates.

Mobile Applications

Enable your merchants to take their storefront with them wherever they go. With our iProcess turnkey mobile applications made for Apple and Android devices, merchants can accept EMV card payments on their phone or table no matter what their location.

NMI Electronic Checks

We can setup your gateway account with the ability to accept and process electronic check payments directly from your online storefront or through the Virtual Terminal.


The NMI Payment Gateway helps you stay PCI compliant with, CertifyPCI, our web-based assessment tool that truly simplifies the process of becoming compliant.